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At Hindsight Leadership and Resilience, we believe that leaders are built, not born. With this comes the necessity of leadership training.

However, many organisations do not see the value in training their leaders; they believe that career progress and delivering good work is enough.

That is not the case.

To truly master learning a language, a sport or a musical instrument, training and practice is required. The same principles apply when it comes to excelling at leadership.

The tools leaders develop when they undergo training include the power of emotional control, understanding what is needed to lead effectively, how to provide employees with a powerful “why” and how to manage situations in times of uncertainty. These tools ensure emerging and established leaders can handle various situations with ease.

But the question is: how do you assess what you need to learn? How do you learn it? Then, how do you measure these skills so you can actually track and see tangible results?

At Hindsight, we asked ourselves this same question and came up with a solution.

A combination of our Methodology, Leadership Diagnostic and Adaptive Leadership Masterclasses provide a system that empirically records your progress. It is measurable and tangible, meaning you can see where you begin and the progress you make throughout the course.

Here’s how it works.


Our operating premise is that leadership drives culture, which drives performance.

We aim to create positive and energetic leaders who can inspire resilient teams and foster positive cultures, leading to motivated, high-performing teams that see results.

In other words – we change culture by creating high-performing leaders.

Leadership Diagnostic:

We begin with a leadership diagnostic. This testing is unique to Hindsight because it is more than just a personality test. Instead, the test is focussed on three focal points:

  • Self-Mastery: The first focal point we measure is the degree of self-mastery an individual possesses. This can include responsibility, accountability, and more.
  • Leadership Fundamentals: The second focal point is focused on understanding. Learning how the individual understands the fundamentals of leadership, such as empathy, communication, delegation, and positivity, are essential to establishing where they need to begin their training.
  • Team Mastery: The third focal point we assess will establish the skills the individual has for working in a team and their adaptive leadership style.

Once the assessment is done, individuals are given a starting point for their adaptive leadership journey. The results are in a spirograph and contain mathematical percentages related to what adaptive leadership styles they are currently using, areas of mastery and where they can improve to become a more effective leader. We also provide a journal to record their progress. This aids in the absorption of learning that occurs throughout the process.

During the journey, individuals can track the changes they are making and observe measurable results.

Adaptive Leadership Masterclasses:

After undergoing the diagnostic, we specifically construct classes for each client’s unique needs, the teams they lead, and the values of their organisations.

We begin by building leadership capacity through improving on the individual’s self-mastery. Once the foundation is built, we move on to developing the individuals understanding of basic leadership fundamentals. Individuals will then progress to learning and mastering adaptive leadership through Team-Mastery.

Using a crawl-walk-run approach, we can use experiential learning opportunities to teach leaders the tools they need to be high performing leaders. More importantly, Hindsight teaches leaders how to take these skills and adapt them to any complex or fast-paced operating environment. We build resilient leaders who can handle any situation they find themselves in.

At Hindsight, we value putting the team before self, conversation not denigration, leadership through example and positivity always. Our purpose is to demonstrate that leadership is an energy transference and positivity is contagious.

Finally, we make it our mission to deliver solutions through observations and research to solve problems for our clients. We are “Force Multipliers”, and we want to demonstrate what good leadership looks like, so we can build resilient, high-performing leaders and teams across global industries.

If you are interested in our unique, measured approach – contact us and let’s talk about how the team at Hindsight can benefit you or your organisation.

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