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The One True Foundation of Success

Have you ever wondered why some people are so successful?
How does an entrepreneur find their break?
What’s the secret of someone’s success?

Lately, there have been lots of motivational speakers on Facebook touting their keys to success. First, they hook you in with questions like those above.

I listen to their crap too, some is good, some bad; but like many people, I question their motives and their research and notice that it’s all the same self-help garbage. Ultimately, they’re in a business to take your money in exchange for the same tired old advice.

Well, this will cost you nothing, and it’s the foundation of success!

I know many people who are highly successful in their chosen field; Anthony Morehouse, Steve Willis (Commando Steve), Scotty Evenett, Adam McNamee, Rhys Dowden, Dan Pronk and the list goes on. I spent some time thinking about what made them successful. It’s true that they’re all ex-Special Forces, therefore they have been specially selected and specially trained, but that isn’t the secret to their success. All of their characters are slightly different too, so it’s not like they are all from the exact same mold.

Just recently I worked it out. I realised the thing that made these men successful.


That’s it – that’s all there is to it. They had an idea and they went and implemented it. They didn’t ask anyone for their permission. They were just brave and chased after it.

You see, looking for permission to do something just gives you an excuse to never start. Seeking the approval of the universe or waiting for a sign is a lofty way of doing nothing. These guys all woke up and did what they damn well wanted, with no regrets, and they left worrying about what would happen if they failed until much later; like …….never.

I don’t know about you – but if I have a plan I’m not going to ask for anyone’s permission, I’m just going to do what the hell I want.

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