Trent Burnard

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Leadership Training

Trent Burnard, MAIPM, CPPD is a highly experienced leader within Defence and private industry. He spent 30 years in the Australian Army leading high performing, as well as functionally and geographically dislocated, teams to deliver complex outcomes of significance. His roles have been as diverse as the leadership of small intelligence collection teams to the provision of advice to senior government officials, to the management and leadership of large scale security mining operations in Indonesia.

As a Unit Commander in the Australian Army, he led the training, resourcing, governance and operational deployment of approximately 550 personnel across four major trades throughout South Australia and Tasmania. Trent concurrently conducted a range of international security and intelligence positions in Iraq, the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea.

Outside of the Army, he was Global Head of Security and Emergency for Origin Energy, which included responsibility for activities in South America, Indonesia, China, Papua New Guinea amongst other locations, and Project Manager of the nationally awarded Contested Urban Environment trial for the Defence Science and Technology Group. This role focussed on the delivery and integration of 18 experimental technologies from 5 allied nations to deliver enhanced understanding of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in the urban environment. He has delivered crisis, emergency management and leadership training for BHP Billiton, Defence, PT Inco, the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands, Parsons Technologies and Origin Energy.

Academic Qualifications: Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership, Advanced Diploma of Languages (Indonesian), Diploma of Security and Risk Management, Diploma of Languages (Tok Pisin), Assoc Diploma of Personnel Management and Certified Practicing Project Director.