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Katarzyna Ludka


Katarzyna Ludka, PhD, is a psychometrician, analyst and manager.

She studied psychology in Poland, University of Warsaw, and obtained her doctorate degree at the University College London, UK. She designed tests used for recruitment purposes in the private sector and consulted on several psychometric projects focused on education and mental health.

As a researcher and analyst, she participated in approximately 50+ projects addressing social and educational problems. She also taught experimental psychology and advanced methodology to psychology students.

During the last ten years, she committed her knowledge to the service of private sector companies. She leads analytical, developer and data science teams delivering insights, reporting and machine learning solutions across organizations in e-commerce, publishing and media, gaining a unique view on both business processes and leadership roles.



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Specialities: Leadership; Resilience; Safety

Specialities: Leadership; Resilience; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Specialities: Behavioural Science; Psychology

Specialities: Mining; Project Management; Leadership

Specialities: Organisational Psychology; Leadership Coaching

Specialities: Leadership; Project Management

Specialities: Crisis Management, Safety

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