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Holly Allday



Holly is an experienced operational manager, bringing 15 years in mine management, project management and practical leadership across underground and open-pit mining operations.

With a proven track record for building high-performing teams, Holly employed her mantra of “people are the foundation of any success” to develop dynamic and proactive teams that are ready to meet the challenges of mining projects. She has also had the pleasure of reopening two large mining operations and managed mobilisation and project delivery for multiple organisations across Australia.

Experienced in Senior Leadership, Project Management, and Statutory Management, Holly takes a holistic view of the mining industry to seek out opportunities for success using a combination of work-method design and safe leadership approaches.

Holly currently sits on the WA Department of Mines Board of Examiners, helping bring forward the next wave of industry leaders, and is a regular presenter at industry forums on practical leadership and operational value creation. One of the joys of Holly’s work is recognising and exploring the potential of teams and building a pool of highly skilled performers, elevating the industry.

Holly embeds team leadership through practical and operational lenses and evolves organisational development from corporate environments through to on-site operational delivery.



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Specialities: Leadership; Resilience; Safety

Specialities: Leadership; Resilience; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Specialities: Behavioural Science; Psychology

Specialities: Organisational Psychology; Leadership Coaching

Specialities: Psychology; Data Science; Analysis

Specialities: Leadership; Project Management

Specialities: Crisis Management, Safety

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