Leadership & Resilience Training


Dr Ian Dunican

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Resilience Training

Ian has 20 years’ international professional experience in health, safety and business improvement in military, mining, rail, oil & gas, utilities.

He is the Director of Melius Consulting and Sleep4Performance and a researcher with the University of Western Australia where he has worked with elite sporting organizations/athletes to optimize performance. Ian has led and guided health, safety and business improvement projects in a range of diverse international locations.

Ian’s industry career has focused on the leadership of several significant projects where he utilised Lean/Six Sigma and scientific methodologies to drive a step change improvement in performance whilst ensuring sustainability through culture change. He is most interested in the relationships with other disciplines enabling productivity to deliver true value to organizations. He regularly contributes to articles within the popular media and has been featured on the health report on ABC radio, numerous podcasts and has appeared on ABC television, Channel 7, Channel 10 and Channel 9 in Australia. He has authored and co-authored a number of scientific articles and technical reports and is a regular reviewer for scientific peer-reviewed journals.