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Chandler Cormerford

Associate Consultant


As a former US Navy SEAL, Chandler is a highly qualified leadership expert with a special interest in youth development and coaching through leadership challenges. 

Chandler spent years developing key leadership skills and abilities from developing and working with the world’s highest-performing teams.  He was one of 16 from a class of over 1,000 Naval Academy Graduates selected and qualifying to become a Navy SEAL.  After leaving life at sea, he moved to Australia and has worked as a leadership facilitator, strategic risk consultant and crisis management trainer for the past 20 years.

Chandler has a special interest in the integration of people with neurodiversity and intellectual disabilities into “non-positional” corporate leadership training programs where participants develop the skills to communicate effectively. By using Hindsight’s diagnostic leadership tools, specialised boot camps and coaching sessions – Chandler unlocks every course participant’s leadership potential, bringing a unique set of skills to the training.



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Specialities: Leadership; Resilience; Safety

Specialities: Behavioural Science; Psychology

Specialities: Mining; Project Management; Leadership

Specialities: Organisational Psychology; Leadership Coaching

Specialities: Psychology; Data Science; Analysis

Specialities: Leadership; Project Management

Specialities: Crisis Management, Safety

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