Leadership & Resilience Training


Chandler Comerford

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Leadership Training

Chandler Comerford is a consultant and trainer and grew up in the North East of the United States.  Chandler attended the United States Naval Academy where he was a National Champion Collegiate Boxer and earned a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography.  In 1995 he received his commission as an officer and was one of 16 (out of a class of over 1000) Naval Academy Graduates selected to become a SEAL.  SEAL Teams are the US Navy’s primary special operations force and the acronym SEAL stands for Sea, Air and Land, which is the environment in which all SEAL Teams operate.

In order to become a SEAL Team member, trainees must first pass Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUD/s) which is a 6 month long training program with attrition rates between 60% and 80%.  After completion of BUD/s, Chandler was assigned to SEAL Team One in San Diego California.

Chandler left the Navy in 2001 to move to Australia.

Since living in Australia Chandler has been a facilitator, trainer and strategic risk consultant in the Oil and Gas, Mining and Government sectors for 17 years.

Chandler has a special interest in leadership and in youth development and lives in Trigg with his wife Sonia and their three Children.