Andrew Williams

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Resilience Training

Background: Andrew William’s career amounted to over a decade in the Australian Defence Force, with six years of that time being spent in the elite, Special Air Service Regiment deploying on multiple tours of East Timor and Afghanistan. Andy was one of the youngest soldiers to have ever passed the SASR selection course and attributes his success with his in-depth preparation, personal study of high performance and the pursuit of individual mastery.

Success Stories: Andy’s story of leaving the SAS is as compelling as his successful inclusion. Identified as a physical outlier, Andy was tested by the Western Australian Institute of Sport and compelled to embark on a professional cycling career. As a result of his change of focus, Andy has been a team member of a Continental cycling team competing in the Australian National Road Championships and tours in countries including Thailand, China and Europe.

Andy is now renowned as a leading High-Performance Coach specialising in helping individuals and teams develop elite human performance and unlocking their own potential. He is particularly passionate about mental health and fitness in the workplace.