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Training Programs

From pre-packaged learning courses to customised education based on your objectives or leadership baseline, we can curate the ideal improvement program for your leadership development. 

Packaged Training

This in-depth masterclass takes VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), a term derived from the military field, and interprets it for a corporate environment. 

Influential leaders perform at an advanced level in unpredictable situations. They demonstrate agility and forward-thinking capabilities; they remain composed and keep a positive attitude; they leverage their resilience and have a strong grasp on human behaviour to drive their teams forward to achieve outstanding results.

Participants of this masterclass will learn how to interact with their environment and maintain composure in chaotic circumstances.

Acquiring leadership skills is undoubtedly an essential step in pursuing personal aspirations or collective goals within any organisation.

The New Leader tactical immersive provides new career professionals with the fundamental knowledge to effectively approach their positions as leaders, demonstrated through practical examples and anecdotes that are easy to relate to.

Not only does it promote personal growth, but it also encourages collective success within a team-oriented environment. Through this course, individuals are given the opportunity to undergo a powerful transformation towards developing essential leadership capabilities.

Hindsight’s Safe Leader program provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring workplace safety by combining years of meticulous research on safety theory, operator experience and behavioural science.

Through this half-day course, participants are equipped with the skills necessary to heighten their situational awareness, cultivate leadership abilities, and engage in constructive conversations surrounding safety, because safe leaders are great leaders.

Our Optimised Leader program offers cutting-edge insights from the latest research in evidence-based practice, behavioural science, and psychological principles to develop exemplary leaders.

Our course helps participants to foster a deep knowledge of human emotions, allowing everyone to truly optimise their potential.

Elevate your team’s performance with Peloton – a turn-key leadership solution designed in partnership with BHP to optimise performance, foster connections, and develop strong relationships of trust.

Our personalised coaching program empowers individuals to become accomplished leaders in today’s chaotic world. Achieve measurable results with our tailored approach and experienced coaches. Peloton is dedicated to helping companies reach their full potential.

Bespoke Training

Following an evaluation of your areas for improvement and overall objectives, we can craft a tailored program to fine-tune leadership capabilities and make tangible progress in targeted areas.



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