Leadership Programs

Emerging Leaders

Our Emerging Leader’s workshops are ideal for the newly promoted leader.

We outline the difference between management and leadership, defining what a leader needs to be, know and do to be effective.

Participants learn the power of emotional control and intelligence.

Emerging leaders leave our programs more confident in their ability and more effective in their new leadership position.

Established Leaders

What makes a good leader great? Experiential training, situational awareness and a toolbox of options.

Our Established Leaders workshops seek to improve the participant’s leadership styles. We focus on the key pillars of purpose, motivation and influence.

We help leaders understand how to provide their employees with a powerful “why” rather than just attending work. Perfect for the General Manager, Project Manager and anyone else in a position of leading leaders.

Crisis Leadership

In a crisis, the true leader will stand up, or someone else will be thrust up by those below.

The Hindsight Crisis Leaders Workshop exposes participants to realistic triggers and stimulus, developing their responses through trial and error. We use your existing crisis management plans to exercise and develop the leader. Training can be conducted through classroom participation, fully prepared desktop exercises with multiple players or site-specific exercises involving your participants and our external support players.

Resilience Training

Personal Resilience

A resilient employee is able to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks. What you might not know is that resiliency can be developed.

We help individuals to develop the tools to become resilient. We outline the power of emotional regulation and explain techniques to build and maintain self-esteem through the cultivation of optimism. We work with businesses to develop wellness programs or specific campaigns to “up-armour” their employees.

Team Resilience

Team resilience is the hallmark of a successful company. In a high paced, demanding operating environment the team that can deal with deviations from business as usual will ultimately be more successful.

We develop team resilience through the conduct of group planning activities. Hindsight can guide your team through wargaming a specific situation. We determine different lines of operations and highlight the branches and sequels that may be required within a plan. Team resilience training increases your staff’s ability to place situations in perspective, navigate through issues and communicate effectively.

Crisis Preparation

The inadequacies in the planning, training and exercising of emergency and crisis management teams are often only brought to light after an incident.

Slow response times and out-dated plans only exacerbate the impacts of a crisis.

We focus on:

  • Assessing operational risks to anticipate disruptions and mitigate, avoid or prevent them from occurring.
  • Developing crisis plans and preparing for disruption, thereby protecting the organisation.
  • Training staff to react and control the situation considering the second-order effects.
  • Recording lessons learnt for knowledge continuum and continual improvement.

We enjoy getting to know our clients and their unique operating culture. We have substantial experience in reviewing organisational preparedness; providing economical, tailored solutions for our customers’ particular requirements.

Over the last five years, Hindsight has worked with some of the biggest names in oil and gas, power, mining and exploration and we like nothing more than collaborating with our partners. Our approach enables in-depth planning and preparation, with a focus on assessment, improvement and review.