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Habits reinforce discipline

Forget motivation – it’s discipline that will help you achieve your goals.

Self-discipline is created when we support our behaviour with good habits.

It’s also important to understand that there is power in using a pre-existing habit to further reinforce self-discipline.

A Special Forces example

On training courses, you are expected to fasten your pouches or zippers every time you take something out or put something in your pack, bag, chest rig etc. This habit is reinforced with punishments, ranging from burpees to pack marches and everything in between, ensuring that you develop this “self-discipline”.

So – why is it even important to fasten your pouches?  

For so many reasons, including;

  • not losing mission essential equipment
  • not leaving anything behind of intelligence value to the enemy
  • keeping all of the items you have signed for secure

Here are some examples of daily habits that further reinforce discipline:

  • Wake up and make the bed – First thing every day.
  • First coffee of the day – write out your priority tasks.
  • Before you leave the house – empty the bin and either the dishwasher or the washing machine need to be on (time management).
  • Come home – empty the dishwasher or the washing machine.
  • Evening meal – make extra for the next day or freeze for a meal during the week.
  • Turn off the internet, same time every day – no Facebook or social media after a certain time (8pm in my house).
  • Read a chapter of a book before bed or read a book with your children.
  • Lay gym clothes out for the next day before you shower.

You get the point. Good habits reinforce discipline (makes it easier) and discipline leads to better time management. Time management makes you more effective

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