What does coaching

with Hindsight involve?

Leadership coaching tool

Our online coaching solution makes your coaching experience more approachable and effective. The cloud-based software enables delivery of the learning components, and enables you to schedule your sessions across Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook. Automatic notifications keep you updated on your progress while the "Stream" feature displays and sorts a history of your coaching engagement. The platform records metrics, notes, worksheets, appointments and follow-up between sessions.

Weekly reflective leadership log

 Reflect on your week and your performance as well as structure your upcoming week for maximum effectiveness, performance and time management.

Weekly 1:1 Video Calls

We’ll use Zoom, Teams, WebEx or your preferred video conferencing solution to connect on a personal level each week allowing you to build the scheduled 1:1 conversations into your weekly routine in the workplace or while working at home.

The Hindsight Leadership Diagnostic

Our Leadership Diagnostic uses the principles of behavioural science and leadership theory to assess your leadership style, your understanding of the principles of leadership, your ability to personally understand and master yourself and then apply all of this to leading your team.

Customised Leadership Coaching Program

Using a unique combination of teaching, mentoring and coaching your personal Leadership coach will work with you to set agreed goals for the program as well as deliver the right training to aid in the development of your leadership skillsets.

Weekly Skills Lessons

Consisting of a combination of leadership development activities, readings, reflections and tasks that are easily incorporated into your existing daily routine, these skills development components will add real capabilities and tools to your leadership skillset.


At Hindsight we use a highly developed online coaching platform to tailor a combination of both structured and free learning. Your Hindsight coach becomes your trusted partner to assist you with your existing leadership challenges as well as unlock your latent leadership capability for long term growth.

Hindsight’s Co-Founder and Chief Coach Trent Burnard has nearly 30 years experience as a leader of small to large teams bringing a wealth of military, mining, government, oil and gas and energy experience and real life examples to add a vital new perspective on your circumstances. 



-Trent Burnard

Feedback from our clients.


Trent is an inspiring mentor, experienced coach and authentic leader. Trent and Bram where 2 of the coaches at the Virtual Peloton Leasership course I recently attended. I found Trent to be a highly experienced leader himself and very knowledgeable in the field of leadership coaching. At the same time I found Trent to be very personable and down to earth, unlike the perception I first had of what an army commander would be. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly 1-1 coaching sessions which i thought was invaluable at driving change and really made a difference to connect with my personal experience. Overall, I was able to walk away from his leadership course re-energised, excited and equipped to practice what I have learnt.

- Chang Liu-Mathews,
Lead Controls Engineer, MIEAust CPEng - EE & ITEE, BHP

Last week I finished the Peloton Leadership course at BHP run by HINDSIGHT and it's really nice to be starting the week with heaps of new ideas and a new energy for leadership. In tech we spend so much time learning from the 5 big tech companies that it was refreshing to spend a few weeks getting training from leaders in the Australian Army and Special forces. The war stories also made it a lot more colourful than your typical corporate training! The real highlight for me was the 1-1 coaching with Trent Burnard. We dove into a problem I was having that I actually thought was impossible to solve. But he gave me a solution and a new perspective that totally transformed by outlook. That alone was worth the whole course for me. Just want to say thanks to Bram Connolly, DSM and Trent from Hindsight. If you are looking for some training/coaching I'd highly recommend checking these guys out.

- Chris Nielsen,
Solutions Architect, Mine Optimisation - BHP

Trent has inspired myself to further develop and re-think how I work as a leader. Providing thought provoking questions that enhance they way myself and the team works, while keeping the knowledge sharing to short but punchy sessions. Thank you for your energy and guidance.

- Daniel Lau,
Supervisor Fixed Plant Process Control - BHP

I have recently completed a 12 week 1:1 leadership course with Trent. I had approached the Hindsight team for some advice on a specific situation in my workplace and after spending an hour with Trent I decided to jump into the Hindsight Leadership 1:1 Course. The 12 weeks delivered more than just leadership training. Trent delivered real insights into my own behaviour and how to better to relate to and communicate with my team, peers and senior managers. I have walked away from my 12 weeks with Trent with better self-awareness, an increased ability to self-regulate and improved overall mental and physical resilience. If you are looking for a unique perspective on leadership delivered by a highly knowledgeable coach, I would recommend investing in your own self-development with the Hindsight 1:1 Leadership Coaching Course.

- Diana D’Alesandro,
Marketing Manager - CBHS Health Fund