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Water Corporation


The Water Corporation, a leading provider of water services in Western Australia, required a foundational leadership course based on the psychology of safety for their site-based leaders. They sought a skilled and experienced leadership coach who could develop and deliver a one-day course promoting leadership, teamwork, and shared values, which would align with the company’s ‘one team’ culture.


Hindsight worked closely with the Water Corporation’s safety and wellness team to design an exceptional one-day course for site-based leaders. The course was based on the psychology of safety, emphasizing leadership, teamwork, and shared values among shift supervisors. Bram was able to connect with each individual by sharing unique life experiences and concepts, which aligned perfectly with the ‘one team’ culture of the company. The course and coaches were professional, personable, and inspirational, making it engaging and enjoyable for participants.


The course has made a significant impact on the shift supervisors. They have gained a deeper understanding of the psychology of safety, enhanced their leadership skills, and become more aligned with the company’s ‘one team’ culture. The course was highly effective due to Bram and Chandler’s ability to relate to each individual. Their unique life experiences and concepts made the course more engaging, resulting in a highly successful and rewarding one-day course.



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