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CBH had refreshed its strategy, and the Board set ambitious 2033 expansion targets. These ambitious targets were complicated by CBH receiving a grain harvest 30% larger than their previous record, requiring the entire business to deliver more for the Western Australian grain grower than ever before. The Senior Leadership Team from across the organisation were looking for a training program focused on improving both leadership capabilities and organisational and personal resilience.


Hindsight was required to develop a one-day facilitated training session that enhanced personal and team resilience, as well as organisational management capabilities. Hindsight needed to craft an agenda that included facilitated break-outs alongside the delivery of professional development material.


Work with CBH to develop a program and deliver in person to the Senior Leadership Team.


Mission accomplished.  The Senior Leadership Team took away practical tools to better manage personal resilience and lead integrated teams that rely on each other.  Hindsight delivered an extremely high-quality full-day workshop covering human optimisation, leadership fundamentals, inclusion, and how to bulletproof your mind. A keynote address was delivered to commence the day, which weaved humour with stories of positive and negative leadership and management.



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