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An executive in BHP’s Technology Division was given a daunting target of achieving a multi-billion-dollar value unlock using digital solutions over a five-year period.  This leader had to build and calibrate multiple new global teams, and he realized that improvements to leadership capabilities and mindset was required to achieve the desired end result of a high-performing, integrated team.  This initiated Hindsight’s “Peloton” training methodology and product, which was subsequently rolled out to over a dozen teams across the BHP Technology function.


What was required was to determine precisely what leadership target state was required, identify each person’s current “as-is” point, and devise a combination of group and in-person training modules and coaching sessions to ensure each person had a personalized leadership journey while meeting the Head-Of’s expectations of team performance.  “Rising tide floats all boats”.


Co-author the program strategy structure, principles and delivery, rolling out in both virtual (due to COVID) and in-person across multiple geographies over a 9-month period.


“Peloton” was recognized as the single most useful and practical leadership training conducted at BHP. Elements are being incorporated into BHP’s leadership programs, and Hindsight is an ongoing partner. The performance of most teams that underwent the training improved dramatically, as did their collaboration and ways of working, resulting in each team overachieving their value-delivery objective and opting to continue their leadership journey as part of their career objectives.



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