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Audit your networks / not just your diet

With 2021 well and truly underway, now is an excellent time for us to be more accountable for not only what we put into our mouths, but also what we put into our heads.

Take a moment to curate your Instagram feed! I found that removing negativity and toxicity from my daily feeds has been curative. I have culled anyone and anything that doesn’t inspire me or reflect my values.

Why should we give them a platform? You will feel lighter, happier, better when you focus on people and ideas that bring value to your life. Gossip, drama, and the lives of so-called influencers are not paths towards a healthy mind.

Of course, don’t just limit yourself to Instagram. LinkedIn can be just as big of a culprit. Be thoughtful about who you follow and the posts you invest your time in. Unfollow those who compete with you for attention, time, energy, or market share. It doesn’t matter what people in your rearview are doing. What matters is what you are doing.

If you’re posting on LinkedIn – then for the love of God, add value! If you are looking for people to follow, consider this: are they adding value to your life and your feed, or do they think of you as just another marketing opportunity? You can spot the difference by the comments they have on their posts. The marketers have other marketers from the same industry all echoing each other. True thought leaders and innovators have cohorts of followers from diverse industries.

Here’s another top tip – unsubscribe from anything that comes your way that you don’t read. Why are you deleting emails from sources you don’t value enough to sit and absorb? There are better ways to spend time than deleting emails from people or organisations you could not care less about.

Eliminate clickbait and sensationalist websites.

“Famous celebrity does something: you won’t believe what happened next!” Yes. Yes, you will.

“Your neighbour lost 50kgs with this simple trick!” They fell for a scam and are now in debt.

You don’t need this rubbish to clutter up your mind; it’s empty-calories for your brain.

My message to myself, and by extension to any of you that still follow me, is to be more responsible for the information that you ingest. Just because it’s out there doesn’t make it good for you.

If you do this, and if you keep following me, my pledge to you is to only share content that I have thought long and hard about, or that I believe will add value to your life.

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